Why this?  Isn’t there a lot of gun information on the web?

Sure. And no-one reads it.  At least, I find myself repeatedly answering the same questions again and again.

What’s the best [blank]?  How do I do [insert seemingly obvious thing here]?

New shooters bump into the same simple issues again and again because they’re common issues but not in manuals, and old (that must be right, it’s the antonym of new) shooters try new aspects of the sport and bump into more advanced issues.

On top of that, few people have the determination to examine (for example) eight different ways of removing primer crimps.  I do – and I have a thorough, records-oriented personality that you can benefit from.

Much of the gun world changes slowly.  Once I’ve reviewed, for example, three major progressive presses, the review is good for a long time.  Minor changes, minor updates. And reloading techniques are virtually eternal.

Instead of answering the same questions over and over, I’ll answer them once and just point people here.

Read on.