It’s not for everyone. One of my highly-intelligent and detail-oriented shooting buddies just couldn’t.

But if you can, you

  • save a lot of money. Typically 30-50%, and more with rare calibers.
  • make better ammo. Ammo can be tuned to your purpose (long-range targets, short-range hunting) and tuned to your gun (every gun, even the same make and model, performs most accurately with tuned ammunition).
  • generate self-satisfaction. Just like food you self-make tastes better, ammo you make yourself is a source of achievement.

First, get and read one or more reloading manuals. They contain a wealth of well-organized information and will answer all of your basic questions.

Second, realize this: you’re working with pressures ranging from about 15000psi to 60000psi. If you make a significant mistake, your gun may be damaged and you and/or a bystander may be injured or killed. Take some care, and read my thoughts with this in mind: you’re on your own. My thoughts work for me – you need to read and judge for yourself as to applying any ideas that came from my head. I will not knowingly suggest anything that will add to your risk – but I don’t know your personal circumstances or capabilities.

So, to be clear, I disclaim any and all liability for anything you do as a result of reading things here.  Use your head – that’s what it’s for.

Follow your reloading guide instructions to the letter to create a more-safe environment, and exercise care and maintain focus while reloading.

Having scared you thoroughly (I hope, because fear creates healthy caution), enjoy the rest of the show.


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