When I started with progressives, I found basically no detailed information on the web, or anywhere else, that talked about strengths/weaknesses/function of what are now the “big three” – the Dillon 650, Lee Loadmaster, and Hornady LNL AP.

I found two kinds of writeup:

  • stuff from people who had used only one (1) of the above – so they either hated it for quirks or loved it for speed compared to single stage, with no other progressive to measure against.
  • angry “I dumped that { crappy | overpriced | poorly supported } thing and am now in heaven surrounded by endless beer and pizza” – strictly because they had a bad experience and were bound to think the next thing was better.

So, after using a Loadmaster for several years, I acquired and used a 650 for about half a year, then a LNL AP for about the same.

What should you buy?

It’s a really big question, and the answer depends on your needs.

I have a really long answer here, listed as well at the bottom of this posting.

It’s also a really popular answer. Just google “dillon lee hornady” and click on the first result.

Many people read the answer and buy a Hornady LNL AP ( high-speed reloading video here).  Others read it and buy a Dillon 650.  A few read it and buy a Lee Loadmaster.

So I must have hit the just-right tone.  Goldilocks would be proud.

Dillon Lee and Hornady Comparison


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